My Glorious Yoga

with Phil K


Quotes Phil presents 2 styles of Yoga - Hatha and Yin. I love both styles and the way Phil's classes flow through the poses. Phil has a very calming voice and his precise instructions are easy to follow throughout the class and I'd definately call his classes achievable I would highly recommend Phil's classes to anyone young or old alike. Quotes
Cheryl B

Quotes I love Phil's Yoga classes and think its the best style of yoga I have done. The postures, breathing and relaxation flow on from each other beautifully. Phil's voice is very soothing and his directions are clear and easy to follow. I also like the insights he gives into some of the postures. It not only feels wonderful to stretch but I always leave the class feeling uplifted yet peaceful, with the added bonus of knowing I'll have a good nights sleep afterwards. The class is always interesting and enjoyable Thankyou : ) Quotes
Carol S